Well, I suppose it is never too early for Spring cleaning. Since our daughter’s birthday coincides with Christmas we have a lot of new things at the house. We also have a lot of old things now too which can be a bit overwhelming for a four year old…and definitely not in keeping with the Montessori methodology of simplicity. It’s also overwhelming for her parents! So….to the donation station we went this week and now we have room to breathe again….aahhhh (I also discovered some dust bunnies–oh, well).

When does your Spring cleaning begin or is it a year round event? How do you keep clutter at bay?

Here are a few more pictures of the MOPS moms’ event too…..they sent a donation to No Mommy’s Perfect (thanks!) and Patricia Terry of Eskimo cards sent us two custom designed “list books” for No Mommy’s Perfect. You might see those on the website one day soon-even in blue! They are awesome for a mom’s endless to-do lists! now, here’s more pics from 1-20-09….

I won a prize!

me too!