Thank you to the Dickson, TN MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers) group for inviting No Mommy’s Perfect to speak to their moms’ group on 1-20-09! Anne and I had a wonderful morning talking about motherhood–the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the hysterical, the tears, and the triumphs! We broke up into 2 groups and covered a lot of questions and generated a lot of discussion…Some of the questions and the answers generated by the groups were :

What permission(s) have you learned to give yourself as a Mom?

-”me” time! (these moms had learned that this is very important & healthy!)

What “old tapes” play in your mind about how you haven’t done something well enough, made something “homemade”, cleaned enough, worked enough, spent enough time with your child, etc.?

-trying to keep up such high expectations, makes you unhappy, “let it go”

What activities or people bring you energy or revitalize you?

-walking, painting, pottery, scrapbooking, gardening, date night with spouse, alone time!

What activities or people drain you or make you tired?

-mother, mother-in-law, negativity, housework, homeschooling, spit-up, changing clothes all the time

What would you like to do differently as a Mom?

-more time with spouse, more time for myself with no guilt!, buy something just for myself without guilt, not worry so much, not yell

It was a most productive and energizing morning! We met lots of new moms and saw some we knew. We gave away door prizes to two lucky moms (our eco-friendly tote bags) and other moms were able to purchase items at special rates.

We also gathered stories for our book in progress….real stories of real moms…you know, YOU…the experts! Several moms submitted stories they had written prior to our arrival and others took the My Story Page we had prepared and will mail them into us. Soon we will have a compilation of stories ready for print!

Here are a few photos from that day…more soon…sorry for the blur! We’re working on that! No Mommy’s Perfect!