Again, Happy New Year! 2009!

Sometimes the world seems like a really big place and at other times it seems very small. After you become a parent I think the world seems a little smaller. It did for me anyway. I felt connected to “moms” everywhere even when I wasn’t particularly in the mood to be one (because I knew someone somewhere felt the same way!) Luckily after a good night’s rest or a few hours to myself I felt ready to go at it again. One thing I did quit doing, though, was getting up super crazy early for my alone time. I did that for years and I loved it. After we had a baby, I was just too tired most of the time. I really need that quiet time, before the day starts, and find that I have a much better day if I start out centered rather than up and running! I am feeling pretty grateful tonight as my husband and I have the house to ourselves (thank God for Grandparents) and have actually had time to talk. Pretty amazing considering our 4 year old usually keeps the same hours as us. She just doesn’t need a lot of sleep. She is like our little Energizer Bunny. Tonight, I also had time to enjoy this You Tube Video which someone kindly shared with me-enjoy! It also makes the world a little smaller!