One of our motto’s at No Mommy Perfect is “Master of Multi-tasking.” Yet, I must confess: often I am a miserable multi-tasker. More days that not, I am consumed by endless thoughts of “Am I forgetting something or someone?” Or I get this sinking pit in the depth of my stomach when I look at our family calendar because there is too much stuff to do and feels like not enough time in the day.

Sound familiar? Maybe you are a mom that is able to stay focused within a lot of clutter and endless chatter. Awesome! I am truly jealous. My hat is off to you and I truly wish to learn from your success. Yet, for many moms – or at least many of my friends – external chaos can cause a lot of inner stress, feelings of inadequacy and the inability to “get it together.” The reality is that motherhood often requires multitasking. So here are some basic tips…yes, “basic” because it helps me if I start out simple…to help tame The Lion of Multitasking:

1. Take back control. Resolve that today is the day that the chaos ends and you stop allowing clutter and chaos to dictate your life. Identify those areas that you have control over and make a plan to redo or even discontinue some activities or self sabotaging habits.

2. Embrace loose organization. Loose organization consists of flexibility rather than rigidity. It is the rubber band rather than the ruler. It is the added wiggle room that allows for going for my run “sometime this morning” rather than at 8am sharp. Or allowing dinner to be made between 5 – 6, rather than 5:25.

3. Find the Humor. Sometimes we may have to look more closely, but find the humor in life. A life showered with humor is one that more enjoyable. Laughter is much more appealing than criticism.

What are some ways that you tame The Lion of Multitasking?