Motherhood is filled with so many Firsts. We have the first laugh, first time to sleep through the night, first foods, first steps and first words to name a few. Yesterday was another first as our youngest started preschool.

Is it me or does it seem that the older our kids get, The Firsts start to feel bigger? Perhaps it is because it is just one more reminder of the time is fleeting with our children. All I will have to do is blink and we will be experiencing the first day of Kindergarten, her first report card, her first crush, her first car and….well… her father’s nightmare – her first date.

Yet, as Moms this is what we are supposed to do. We love them, teach them some sense of morals and then give them wings so that they can grow, discover and explore. We will not do it perfectly every time, but we continue on. Why? Because there is nothing more intimate than a mother’s love for her children or larger than the dreams we want for them. So let The Firsts come, because the love we have for our children will outlast them all.