1. Motherhood is the ultimate definition of irony.

  • There are times of elation and desperation.
  • There are simultaneous beginning and ending milestones.
  • You really are the expert in many areas, but your kids still see you as a novice
  • You spend an ungodly amount of money, but get lost in the joy of the moment of gift giving.

2. Motherhood isn’t for cowards.

  • It requires more guts than Indiana Jones, Batman and Captain America combined to implement parenting strategies when a toddler winks at you.
  • It requires great courage to ask for help when you really don’t want to.

3. A black German Shepherd looks very funny when a 4 year old has cut patches of its hair playing “Hair Dresser.”

4. Motherhood is so much more fun with good friends.

  • There is strength, wisdom and humor in numbers.

5. Motherhood is a big puzzle.

  • There are many parenting resources, classes and podcasts. But no matter how many degrees, certifications or licenses from major universities you have earned- you still feel inept a lot of times.

6. Number 5 is not just normal…but okay.

  • Some of us just don’t say it out loud.

7. Motherhood shows how much time I wasted before I had kids.

8. It’s okay to ban Eloise books from the house after a child in a bathtub has flooded the upstairs.

9. Motherhood results in on-the-job financial training.

  • I am convinced the national debt crisis could be fixed if left to a group of Moms. Every country would get a list of coupons, allowances and budgets.

10. The most mind numbing words on the planet are not your name shouted over and over. They are “Knock, Knock”


What musings have you learned along the way?