I must admit, since getting my new Smartphone (an iphone by the way) I am all into Apps. No, I am not a gamer. No time for that. Unless a little prize were to pop out of my phone those would not keep my attention. Well, I take that back, I like games….for my kid! They can get irritating though. Occasionally I will think I have a text and it say “Your carrots are ready to harvest” for the Zoo Story game to which my child later laments….”Mom, you let my carrots rot!” Yes, that was a tough one. Should I have focused on work or picked imaginary root vegetables? She also loves one called Find Them All where you try to locate different animals on a Farm. The ones I love right now have to do with free radio. I had Satellite (ever since the very beginning of Satellite days long long ago-pre App days) but a little snafu with the merger of XM/Sirius, my affinity for Sirius, along with my purchase of a car with an XM radio has left me temporarily without service-until they offer me a little better deal that is. They need to know that with all the free stuff out there they will have to be a little more customer friendly fairly soon:) We have lots of options-even those of us who are die-hard fans. OK, I will likely go back but until then I am loving Tune in Radio! App. Check it out. It’s FREE!! You get live stations from all over the country and pre-recorded shows as well. I will be very entertained until I am over my grudge–I don’t really have one. I love Sirius too much. When you have listening since the first heartbeat-hopefully these folks will learn that when you join 2 big companies, you can’t keep billing departments separate. Perhaps I will try some … patience. Wait, is there a patience App? Let me check on that…right now! My daughter, who is 6, just woke up and came downstairs to cuddle. How could I forget that she is my best teacher when it comes to patience–from irritating things to sweet things like remembering not to get too upset about little things-like missing your favorite couple of radio stations for awhile. My life is pretty full and sweet already. How soon we forget and easily I complain. She is already asleep again-just needed a little cuddle.

Sirius radio