Today was the first appointment with our family optometrist for our preschooler. Knowing she would be apprehensive because she had never been before, I attempted to offer persuasions to her hesitancy. We stopped by Starbucks on the way out and then a rarity in our house: a doughnut from Krispy Kreme. We were even scheduled to have lunch with some fun friends. Thinking she was super psyched, we walked into the doctor’s office and all seemed right with the world.

What happened next was a racing blur of anxiety provoking activity. Beginning with the fear of the optometry chair, followed by the refusal of the dilation drops, eye scans and actually even talking to the optometrist. Things deteriorated rather quickly when it was discovered the “sunglasses” she was promised were not “real enough.” After purchasing a pair that met reality expectations we took a tally. The final score: one exhausted mother with a preschooler with largely different sized pupils resulting from an uneven eye dilation.

When we got home, her Dad asked her about her appointment. She gleefully noted how much she preferred the eye doctor to her pediatrician. Why? “….because they don’t give shots!!”

As moms, we never know what our kids are thinking. We may think things are catastrophic and a complete disaster – and their thinking is just the opposite. What we consider irreparable trauma, they consider amusement.

Definition of Motherhood – a journey of never ending surprises.