Here is my goal….Plan and execute a real “Stay in our Pajamas” day with my 6 year old daughter. Why is this hard? Piece of cake, right? Hmmm. For some reason, I have having a little trouble with this one although I am imagining all of the wonderful bonding moments we can have cuddling on the couch, making homemade cookies, watching movies (but my daughter prefers Sponge Bob, yikes), and maybe shopping online! Since my little one loves to clean the house, we may actually break out the Swiffer. Montessori preschool taught her that work is fun so I think that will definitely be on the Pajama Day agenda.
Have YOU ever planned and had a Pajama Day with your kids? How did it go? Share your memories!


Its Pajama Day!

  • No Mommy’s Perfect

    I should have sent one of mine to Montessori!