We are down to the last few weeks of school in our area, and it promises to be a crazy few weeks. There are parties, field days, Grandparents Day and that long awaited last day of school. Is it me or does there always seem to be a terrible case of Rushing and Hurry this time of year? And then there is my favorite….the scheduling nightmare for many moms: those early dismissals that seem to be offered in droves.

Here are 5 tips for to finishing the school year with sanity.

1. Celebrate the school year

Has it been a great academic year? Celebrate that it came! Has it been a year that you are anxiously awaiting its dismissal? Celebrate that it is done and over with. A new one is just around the corner! Sometimes I can get stuck in the happenings of this past year simultaneously forgetting about the new opportunities that await the next one.

2. Keep the Calendar Handy

This is the time of year that I look at the calendar every day – sometimes even twice a day. Why? It reminds me that all the rushing around and hurrying will soon come to an end. Like small children count down what seems like endless days until Christmas, there is something therapeutic for me when I find the biggest marker and cross out the days until sanity will resume in our house. Maybe this year I will make a paper link chain that I can tear off each day….aaaah.

3. Plan for Sanity

How do I know that sanity can come back to our house? Because I plan for it.
I love it when my kids are out of school because we can be on our own schedule rather than conform to an academic calendar. I enjoy that I can plan for family time along with some unplanned time. Sanity for me comes when there is some sort of structure, albeit flexible, but it exists. I am more relaxed when I know when the trips and camps are going to take place, rather than waiting until the last minute.

4. Remember the teachers

If as a Mom I get stressed out, I can only pretend to imagine what it means for the teachers. A friend of mine that is a former teacher shared with me that this is the time of the year that can be so stressful for teachers, even more than Winter Break. Teaching can be a thankless job. When work gets stressful, who doesn’t like a kind word or deed shown toward them? In addition, showing kindness and gratitude toward other tends to put me in a better mood as well.

5. Throw routine out the window or create a new one

Stress, and even anxiety, can come when the usual routine is feeling stretched. Life may not go as smoothly as we want it to and our hackles get stirred up. One way to cope is to simply forget about the old routine and embrace flexibility. It seems that more stress comes when we resist life changes than work with them. Some moms may even find it helpful to develop a new routine based on the new summer nuances. You may even discover better ways to do things than you were doing before.

6. Be a catalyst for the Positive

Misery loves company the old adage says, but how enjoyable is it? Choose the higher ground and find positive in the midst of the chaos. Perspective is everything when it comes to parenting, and a positive attitude is more contagious than a negative one. Which one would you rather be around?

Summer is almost here!!!!