Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day – that special day set aside as a national holiday in the US by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. And I’m so glad he did! Between you and me….I love the pampering. Isn’t it amazing how after having children just being able to sleep in until 7 o’clock can feel luxurious? Our oldest daughter just ordered that I “do no work today!” Trust me there will be not rebuttals from this chair.

While we all may be at different parenting stages as a mom, you are special just because you exist. After all, humanity would completely stop without us! Today, some moms may be treated to breakfast in bed to be followed by a lazy Sunday. Others may have a full day of special outings with the little ones. Or perhaps some moms will revel in some uninterrupted alone time.

Mother’s are special – imperfections and all!

–Terre Grable

  • Brad

    Good sentiment