Grab the new Newsweek and you will read all about the Royal Wedding. I did not manage to wake up in time to watch it LIVE but looked online at the beautiful pictures. What I enjoyed reading in this edition of Newsweek are the kind words about Princess Diana and her mothering. They described her as “unneurotic” during her times with her children. Perhaps that is because she was being most REAL and alive during those times. She was also the first royal woman to take her infant along for a royal tour of a foreign country rather than leaving him behind with a nanny. We all recall the photos of her enjoying a water park with her kids and her son Harry regarded her as “the best mother in the world” at her memorial service. Regardless of her ups and downs in life, she very much succeeded at motherhood. Our children are resilient and will remember our good points! We have lots of them! Happy early Mother’s Day moms!