Well, I talked about this on the Facebook Group a bit…playing Monopoly with my little one on Friday night as it stormed outside was a LOT of fun. Trying to blog about it on Sunday was a bit harder as I had it all written — you know, with all the wit only a mother can muster after a weekend of rain, sunshine, yardsales, extracurricular activities, playdates, laundry, petcare, church activities, & errands. It was even complete with La Adorable Photo. Then….the inevitable happened. “WordPress ate my Blog!”

I have harbored a resentment for 36 solid hours. I am now over it. For some reason WordPress and I are like that friend, cousin, sister-in-law who just rubs you the wrong way so you just simply avoid her. It’s not usually a long-term solution & never lends itself to a healthy relationship. Call it boundaries or what you wish. I admit it…I avoid WordPress….YET….it’s SO beautiful!!!!!!

Aren’t relationships a bit like this anyway? They take WORK! SO….I am making a commitment to WordPress….to forgive you, work with you, give you my time and energy, and well….get to know you. Lots of others love you so how bad can you be? Maybe it’s me. I know I often forget to “save draft” so maybe I can work on that for starters. For now….here’s the cute little photo of our awesome Monopoly Game which consisted of TWO solid hours of dice rolling, money counting, horse galloping, property bidding, and popcorn eating. It was free fun and no tv’s or computers were struck by lightning during this excitement. I had my Mom on speed dial for weather updates and a flashlight nearby….just in case. Now if I can just remember to save draft……

Monopoly Giddy UP!

Giddy Up on Friday night