Tyler, 16mos.

…..Lots of things but you already know what they are so I won’t list them all. Most of all I find that I tend to make myself the most busy by not being “fully present in the moment” something I used to do with much more success. It seems the busier I have become the less able I am to really focus on one thing at a time (that’s why we call it multi-tasking, right?) The human brain–and if you’re reading this you likely have one of those so pardon the redundancy–finds it hard to truly focus on more than one thing with real intent. Doing things a bit slower requires effort (and may seem insanely “inefficient”) but can yield very productive results because you are truly focusing on your task at hand however big or small. With a little effort (OK, a lot sometimes) and reconnecting with like-minded friends who tend to “go about their days” this way, I find that it makes my days go so much more smoothly.

A few years ago I went through something that forced me to change the way I thought about things and consequently I was able to take life much more lightly. For example, if I were in a long line and switched to one that seemed faster &…the other line sped up…Murphy’s Law? My luck? I learned to use that as a chance to practice, yes, patience. Sometimes it worked better than others. Adding a child to the mix (and a preschool pick-up time, work deadlines, a new business, etc.) seemed to lessen my devotion to personal development and on just getting everything done. Someone had to do it! I didn’t exactly have a fairy to do this stuff. This thinking didn’t get me anywhere faster…just in a worse mood and with a fussy story to tell. I am returning to my former line of thinking! Why? Well, because it worked about 1000 times better. It kept me more focused, I lost less things and consequently spent a lot less time looking for stuff, and amazingly got MORE done and with more intent and happiness. If I don’t get something done, I make sure it’s not an emergency…then I have a chance for a little gratitude which gives me energy to focus on the next day.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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The puppy dog above, Tyler, is close to perfect too…he’s up for adoption and needs a forever home. He is great with kids and other dogs and is currently with a foster family in TN waiting for you! For more info on this sweet lab CONTACT ASAP:

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