I love this month. We are well beyond the holidays, there’s a nice little holiday filled filled LOVE and Candy and maybe even Roses, and Spring is just around the corner. This is the month of hope and of looking forward and getting on with all our plans for the year now that we have spent some time reflecting on our accomplishments from last year (see last blog post!) Perhaps I am being too optimistic-maybe we will have more snow days and I will pull out some more hair (mine, not my child’s) but I am certainly hopeful for budding flowers soon! I think we, in the South, are rather lightweight when it comes to handling snow as life seems to cease with the threat of a few flakes. With a real snowfall (and here that is anything over 1″) our world is totally paralyzed for up to 3 days. We storm grocery stores buying them out of bread and milk despite our gluten-free, lactose intolerant diets on normal days. Everyone knows: to survive snow you must have bread and milk. I am sure the folks who move here think it’s rather amusing to see our scurrying about but having been raised here I will admit it’s actually a little exciting. To us, anything over 1″ really IS a big deal! If it’s over 3″ it’s a downright blizzard–brrrr. So humor us, be patient with our driving, and perhaps consider selling milk and bread as a side venture. Happy February!