Recently, my husband and I were in the car driving and got into a daring match.  You know, one of those discussions that begins with “You’d never be able to…”   After some relatively playful banter, we entered into a 10 day challenge whereby we each would refrain from our specific alleged vices.  Personally, I was to refrain from Starbucks, eating out and shopping with the exception of things that were necessary for our children.

So after putting my Starbucks gold card in the freezer, I wore my confident smile and started the process. Normally a women that enjoys the accomplishment of a good challenges, I have to admit the last few days became just down right annoying, yet humorous and useful.

What I learned

1. In times like these, it really wasn’t a good idea to use three different aliases on my favorite stores’ website to get more bonus coupons.  Temptations can really suck wind at time like this.

2. It says something when I return to Starbucks after 3 weeks, and my favorite barista mentions she thought I had moved.

3.  The next time I enter into a Battle of the Wills with my children, I need to remember they come by stubborn and tenacity honestly.

4. Motherhood  truly effects those around us.  Just ask our 5 year old  as she expressed her own discontent of  the repercussions of MY 10 day challenge effected her own frequent Starbucks consumption.

5. No matter how many free things you attend, Motherhood requires spending some money.  There are only so many times you can frequent the sample stations at Costco and try and pass it off as family fun.

Mostly importantly  for me….

it created an awareness of things that occupy my point of distraction and in some created unnecessary anxieties.    Somehow I think my children will become positive contributors of society if we curb out expenses and even skip the stress of the next sales tax weekend.  And in truth, those that coupon truly deserve my utmost respect.

  • Daniela

    You write really well. Love the post! I tried to avoid Starbucks but it’s hard, I see it as a treat:))


  • Susan

    Terre-you have great ways of gaining insight:) maybe I will cut down my Coke Zero consumption in the hopes of either gaining appreciation, setting a good example, saving money, or just seeing the role “thing” play in my life. I’ll let you know how it goes;)