Aaah, Independence Day.   Many of us will be traveling around with our kids and family, while others will enjoy some down time at home.  With July 4 right around the corner, I started to think about my own Independence Day.   Just like our forefathers, and I’m sure foremothers :) , declared their freedom from Great Britain, this is a time where as a  mother I can declare my own independence.  I can embrace the freedom from the grips of perfectionism and the need of the approval of others.  Freedom to become the person I want and the mother I  was created to become.  Freedom to let the laundry pile up, wear wrinkled clothes and enjoy getting dirty in the garden and enjoying the kisses of popsicle stained little faces.

Independence to spend time with my kids this summer without feeling the pressure of having them  practice multiplication for hours on end or learn to understand Mandarin by September.  Freedom to discover who we are as a family by unplugging from the information super highway and get back to sipping lemonade, cannonballs in the pool and ice cream after dinner…or even for dinner if we want. Freedom to run barefoot at night, look up at the stars while looking for fireflies, and dream really big dreams.

Independence from the chaos of the norm and indulge in the simplicity of the summer.

Happy Independence Day!