What a school year it has been!  Between sports, academics stress, testing and perhaps some rough patches with friendships, there is one thing this therapist is recommending: a relaxing and fun summer.  One filled with commitments that will bring only  joy and refreshment for your family. Every parent I have the privilege of chatting with shares the stresses that come with the school year.  And as a Mom, I can sympathize with its hurried schedule and extra commitments.

In summers past, I have taken the initiative to sign up for camps, classes and other boredom busters for our family, only to have our children wish they could just hang out.  And midway though the summer there is an angst inside of me because it feels like I am just as busy during the school year.

“Simplify”  and “Relaxation” are the keywords for our summer.  Instead of places to be, our calendar will be filled with time set aside to hang out at the pool, catching up on reading, learning some new skills,  staying up late and I’m sure there will be a nap in there somewhere.   Will there be times my kids say they are bored?   Absolutely.  But perhaps that is when I’ll just go take a nap.

Happy  Summer!