Recently, our preschooler has been throwing some fits in the morning while getting ready for school.  Since there was school testing this past week, I simply could not endure another meltdown in the morning.  So, I gathered all those parenting advice columns I read and all the family therapy knowledge I acquired  in grad school and came up with a plan:  rather than going to school she’d spend the entire day in her room.  While her Dad worked downstairs, by the end of the day I just knew she’d definitely wish she was in preschool and my motherhood mantra would surely be re-established.

Well, it backfired…completely utterly backfired.   When I checked in on her a little while later to engage in the necessary parental follow up discussion prescribed in all the parenting books, her response told me the volley was hers alone:  ”Well, at first I thought it would be bad, but now I see that playing with toys is so much more fun than school.  Let’s do it again, Mommy.”

Score one for the preschooler.

Happy Monday!