This week our school will be conducting the cumulative testing that takes place every year.  We’ve received notes of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, a proper breakfast…and the biggie in our house…Don’t be late!   As a parent, I recognize the significance of an education.   And I am so indebted and humbled by the countless ways teachers every day utilize their unique gifts to help educate young minds.    It’s surely not my calling.

Yet, as a mom, we encounter a different curriculum.  What if there were a yearly test for how my children demonstrate their aptitude for caring for others?  Or testing for being a leader and believing in themselves despite popular opinion?   An aptitude test for standing up for her own convictions without casting judgment on others, and willing to work with others of a different opinion to form a workable solution? Or even the test of not confusing the mistakes you make with the person that you really are.    These may be tougher lessons to teach, but ones in which moms play very significant roles.

And here’s the secret:   No one does it perfectly…but the fact that we try means our kids and society are better for it.

So when those times of self doubt come creeping in, I don’t want to overlook the greater lessons that can only be taught from the school for mothering.