Well, it’s official. I still have Mommy Brain….at times at least.  It explains a lot of things, actually, such as why I go upstairs to get the laundry and then start organizing my daughter’s kindergarten papers from last year that I happen to see in the closet as I am looking for an extra hanger or two then go back downstairs (now, an hour later) and see the washing machine open and recall that “Oh, yea, I went upstairs to get the laundry!”  Off I go, again, to get that laundry.  On the way, I notice a little fur ball (thanks Kitty) so I go to retrieve some carpet cleaner and see a letter that needs to go out today….so out to the mailbox where I see the flowers I bought that MUST be watered. It’s HOT!! While getting the watering bucket, I notice that my daughter’s sporting goods are in disarray and arrange things very neatly on her little shelf then go in as I recall that it’s almost time to meet the school bus. I really need to finish checking email and sending appointment reminders for my clients….which I quickly do only to realize I have sent them for the wrong day–after getting that corrected I notice that darn fur ball again….back to get the carpet cleaner….Got it! Clean up the fur ball and go back out to water flowers when I notice the laundry….Oh yea!  Laundry!  Run upstairs, grab the laundry….run downstairs, toss it in, run to meet the bus noticing I forgot to water the flowers all the while wondering if I turned on the washing machine.

Mommy Brain.

I assumed this Mommy Brain would last about a year but since my child is now 7, it is decidedly a new “way of life.” I attribute it to “Multitasking Overload.” Rather than Mommy Brain, I may say I am having an MIA, Maternal Intellectual Atrocity–I refuse to say my brain has atrophied when it feels it will explode from all the details I am “juggling” at any one time.  Rather, the details have to “take turns” being processed which is really how our brains work anyway. We actually “switch” quickly from one activity to another, often back and forth, rather than truly processing more than one thing at a time. In short, we are ALWAYS dropping a ball-hopefully we just won’t forget to pick it up again.  At least, we can keep our highest focus on our priorities and try to include our own self-care as a critical priority.   Taking good care of yourself as a Mommy is the best gift you can give your child, making you a happier, calmer, and more present parent.   Have a Perfectly Imperfect Day!

M.O.M. (Master of Multitasking)

I Love My Daily Juggling Routine...most days:)