Wow! The weather here in Tennessee has been crazy beautiful lately. Sunny, warm, pleasant and inviting the little ones outside for hours at a time. I can hardly get my little one to stay in to do a little homework or to simply cool off. Yesterday we came in the front door from the park, where we had spent an hour after school, and she promptly ran out the back door!  It’s good for me to get “pulled” outside by my child because left to my own devices, I would spend all hours inside –I am a creature of comfort.  I like heat when it’s cold, air-conditioning when it’s hot and I really don’t like ……bugs!  Luckily, my kid gets me out of my comfort zone on a daily basis and helps me learn to “go with the flow” whether it be messy clothes, getting sweaty right after a shower (yuck), or simply trying something new.  What are YOUR favorite things to do with kids in beautiful weather?

Mother & Daughter in Park on Sunny Day

Just having fun in the sun!