Still trying to get used to the time change from a few nights ago, I took a sip of coffee and squinted during my morning routine of checking out the weather for this week.  One quick glance was all it took for this mama to break into a happy time dance.

Yes, indeed!  It is going to be Spring like weather this week!!!   For this southern girl, Spring time is sweeter than tea.   I noticed the geese making their northern trek the other night and did another happy dance.  It means there will barefoot mornings on the porch sipping coffee, listening to the birds and watching natures explosion of beauty from the tulips and candytuft.  The winter silence is leaving and the renewal of spring is coming.

And as Mom, Springtime signals its another time to let some things go.  That winter coat of resentment and unmet expectations can be packed away once again and replaced with the summery shorts of tranquility, tank tops of laughter and flip flops of doing things differently and better.  It’s a season of trying some new things and never to revisit others.   A time to shed some emotional clothing, enjoy the warmth of renewed relationships and a timely reminder many things- even winter – does not have to last forever.   A different sort of spring cleaning.

Happy Spring!