Genai Kerr, U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist, got into water polo by accident. He followed the sound of whistles he believed was coming from a basketball game right into the high school water polo practice. He decided to replace track and basketball, which eventually earned him the coveted title of an All-American in 1998 and 1999. Genai has been a U.S. Ambassador for the USADA (U.S. Antidoping Agency) since 2003, promoting clean sports for young athletes. He loved the No Mommy’s Recycled Tote Bag and said, “Thank you for spoiling my unborn nephew.”

It is SO cool to see Genai Kerr with a No Mommy’s Perfect Tote Bag … in my dreams he kept it for himself and takes it to the gym! Hey Genai, you can order more for your nieces, nephews, friends, etc.! You have found the “perfect” gift.