My second child was born and instantly latched on. How different this was from my first child!! I was certain this time breastfeeding would be so much easier, the baby knew what to do, and so did I. I was right…up until about the time she was 5 months old. My milk production had been low since about 2 months and my OB had prescribed Reglan. After 3 months of taking it I had to stop because it caused some pretty BAD depression with me. Well along with that my milk almost dried up completely. I could only pump about 3 oz. every 6 hours- NOT enough and my baby was getting very fussy. So I decided to supplement with formula as well. Well, guess what?! This baby is allergic to cow’s milk based formula-something we discovered after trying 3 different kinds. So I tried soy formula. That was wrong for her too. She hated it and then refused to take a bottle at all. We tried having my husband feed her, used 3 different types of bottles, mixed breastmilk in with the formula, tried just breastmilk to get her used to the bottle again, tried juice, but nothing worked! She starved herself for 2 days. All the while I am crying, praying, and begging for help. Finally a lactation consultant told me to take Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle herbs and power pump at the same hour each day for an hour for 3 days. So at noon, for 3 days I would pump 10 mins, massage 10 mins, pump 10, massage 10, and so on for an hour. When this STILL didn’t work I went to an herbal store in town and learned about “Mother’s Milk” tea which you drink 3-5 cups of tea a day. Finally I found something that worked for me! So now we are on baby food, still nursing, and drinking the tea. It costs more than formula but what could I do with such a strong-willed little girl? Oh, and by the way….she is 9 months old and still won’t take a bottle! Stubborn little thing.